Leroy Campbell

Experimenting with light.

I wonder if any birds are up there…

I’m not one for pompasetting. The fanciest thing I ever wear is the occasional pair of leather shoes.

My current pick for favorite pen and notebook: Baron Fig Squire and Confidant.

Eyewear to block blue light when I code.

…like watching a baby grow up…

Looks like Harry turned Malfoy into a banana-wielding Minion.

Hedwig watching intently as Harry prepares a spell.

Colors for stationery.

The tree has seen a fair share of weather over the years.

The kids really come alive when they see these.

School at home.

It still works.

Erudite mind test results: subject ceased exam at 20 minute mark.

Honest reflection of a life absorbed in the digital age. Is this the future, or merely a blip on the radar of history?

Celebrating our compassion for one another with a toast.

My daughter, spending time to make a top hat for a class project.

I saw the sporg, and it saw me.

This countertop convection oven is the kitchen machine I use most.

Midday energy break: bacon, eggs, and cabbage.

Not exactly muddy, but interesting look at soil and roots during my wife’s repotting session.

A friend at work gave me this to inspire a bit of hope when I step outside.

Grain-free chips and homemade ranch dip to satisfy a craving for Cool Ranch Doritos.

Hover Soccer Ball is our best attempt at an indoor sport.

No pets. Only dinosaurs.